CoTherm Water Heating


CoTherm Water Heating eliminates fossil fuel expenses for heating water by using renewable energy within the facility. This integrated technology provides hot water for the entire facility without burning fuel, while simultaneously providing 10%-30% of the facility’s air conditioning.

With a focus on the hotel industry, CoTherm Water Heating technology provides hot water for hotel guest rooms, in-house laundry facilities, kitchens and pools. This technology has proven to save $5,000-$20,000 per month for each facility.

The Cotherm Water Heating Concept was analyzed using a test market in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Now serving seven hotels, this concept has shown savings of over 1.7 million liters of fuel and 3000 tons of carbon in just over 2 years.

CoTherm of America is focused on establishing this sustainable water heating technology in the mainstream by providing fuel-less hot water for hotels, hospitals, universities, factories and office buildings around the globe.


“During the first month, we have saved over 21,000 liters of propane, resulting in over US$10,000 in savings. In addition, I would like to express that I have observed great professionalism and dedication in the CoTherm Company.”

Jorge Castro

General Manager

Sheraton Puerto Vallarta

Introducing CoTherm Water Heating

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